Kratom Strains 101

Kratom Strains 101


Curious about strains, their origins, and what will work best for you?

We make it really easy for you. Let's journey through the different strains, their effects and origins, and how to use Kratom effectively. One scoop at a time!

For experienced Kratom connoisseurs, scroll to the bottom to see our full break down strain by strain.


Long before Roary Lion was a cub in his mother's belly, and you and I walked the earth, Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) was found deep in the forests of Southeast Asia.

Natives to the region quickly realized, by chewing on the Kratom leaves, they got a boost of energy and some discomfort relief. 

These natives began utilizing Kratom in their every day lives - making tea, powder and drying the leaves to maximize the benefits.

Back then, these Southeast Asia natives had no clue how amazing Kratom was, or how useful it would be in the future.

Fast forward to present day, now Kratom is a 15 Billion dollar industry and growing faster than CBD.

So, with modern technology and agricultural developments, what should we use Kratom for going forward? How can we learn from these ancestral natives and benefit from this wonderful plant?

Kratom is in the family tree of coffee. Like coffee, Kratom is known for providing focus and energy. 

Coffee, as you know, is typically brewed from the beans. This is where the caffeine and other benefits come from. Kratom on the other hand, is brewed from the leaves.

By drying and curing the Kratom leaves, alkaloid content is increased. Alkaloids are the active ingredients in Kratom. Each alkaloid has specific properties, with Mitragynine being the most coveted. 

Mitragynine has stimulating and energizing effects. Once Kratom leaves have been processed, the natural Mitragynine content is between .7%-1.7%.

This wide range of potential Mitragynine content is why so many online Kratom brands have strains that don't quite get the job done. 

The other factor in quality of Kratom is the strength of secondary alkaloids. Kratom that is grown in poor soil, limited sunlight, or is not watered appropriately, will have limited alkaloids as well, not just a low Mitragynine percentage.

Depending on how the Kratom is dried, cured and blended will change the alkaloid profile. This is why different Kratom strains cause different effects.

Below, we will walk you through the three naturally found Kratom veins and the popular blends made from each.


Green vein Kratom is the most popular color vein of Kratom. 

Once a crop of Kratom leaves reach their full term, they change to a deep green color.

This process occurs as chlorophyll fills the leaves at full maturity, to provide maximum photosynthesis to feed the Kratom tree. Kratom trees are at full maturity when the chlorophyll reaches it's peak, making it easy for farmers to maximize the alkaloid content in green vein Kratom. Consistently, experienced Kratom connoisseurs say that green vein Kratom provides the most balance.

The effects of green vein Kratom usually have a balance of both red and white vein Kratom. The balance between the two is an incredible experience.


White vein Kratom is the most energizing color vein of Kratom. 

The younger the leaves on a Kratom tree, the smaller they are. Since they have not reached full maturity, these leaves also have a lighter hue of green.

Because of this lighter hue, the Kratom community has described this vein as white vein Kratom. 
Based on their time to mature, these leaves have a different alkaloid profile, and are heavier in the energy alkaloids. Most Kratom consumers describe the effects of white vein Kratom similar to a cup of coffee, without the crash.

During the curing process for this color vein, farmers will limit the leaves exposure to light, ensuring less UV reaches the leaves. This prevents more chlorophyll from entering the plant and less oxidation from occuring, keeping leaves a white-green color.


Red vein Kratom is usually the most relaxing Kratom color vein. 

After Kratom leaves reach their max chlorophyll levels and are a deep shade of green, they begin to turn a red hue. This is when Kratom trees have reached their complete maturation.

These leaves are specially found in areas with the most direct sunlight, encouraging more oxidation and color change. The color change from green to red indicates they are ripe for harvesting. Red hues and pigmentation can also be drawn out during the curing process, by drying the leaves in a UV saturated environment.

Red pigmentation protects the Mitragynine content by shedding UV rays naturally, this is why the Kratom leaves organically turn red. The majority of Kratom users agree that red vein Kratom may provide relaxing qualities and comfort.


Gold Vein, or Yellow Vein Kratom provides an interesting blend of green and red vein Kratom effects.

The only natural colors found on a Kratom tree are Green, Red and White. Yellow Vein Kratom is never found throughout the harvesting cycle for Mitragyna Speciosa trees.

This yellow hue in the powder, hence the name “Gold Vein” is caused by the farmers after leaves are harvested. Just like tea goes through a drying and fermenting process, Kratom leaves are treated similarly after they are harvested. During this process, some batches turn more of a yellow hue, or gold hue, which is how they earned their name. Gold and Yellow vein Kratom are essentially the same. The other way to create a gold vein is by blending a red and white vein batch, causing the yellow hue.

The drying process with yellow vein naturally enhances 7-hydroxymitragynine, creating a very specific alkaloid profile that consumers love. This is why many Kratom users describe the effects of yellow veins as relaxing and sleep inducing.


We have broken down each color for you. How about the strains? How will each one potentially effect you? What can you expect?

Let's dive in!


Lifted Lion, or Green Maeng Da, is our most popular strain. It is strong, balanced, and hits fast. With an uplifting and energizing effect, it's perfect for pre-workout or a boost throughout the day.

Noble Lion, or Green Bali, is one of the most popular Kratom strains because of it's mellow balance between energy and relief. This strain is known for its balanced blend of peace, good vibes and smooth energy.

Cosmic Lion, or Green Borneo, is known for it's balance - just like Green Bali. However, this strain is more relaxing than discomfort relieving. It's best to use this strain for unwinding after a long day, or for social lubrication before an event.


Lightning Lion, or White Maeng Da, is our most popular energy strain. Unlike most Kratom strains geared towards energy, this strain has potential for relaxation and discomfort relief. While it definitely provides more energy, some customers do enjoy the relief effects along with it.

Platinum Lion, or White Thai, is one of the least balanced Kratom strains. Known for its pure energy and focus, this strain hits extremely hard. Quick onset, quick energy, and laser focus are found within this strain.

Diamond Lion, or White Malay, is the definition of energy. This strain does almost nothing next to providing fast and clean energy. For people who need no discomfort relief, or relaxation, this is a perfect strain to kick the pre workout for Kratom instead.


Love Lion, or Red Maeng Da, is the most balanced red vein strain. This Kratom strain provides some energy, relief and relaxation. Many Kratom users looking for balance focused on relaxation go with this strain.

Dream Lion, or Red Sumatra, is our most relaxing Kratom strain. Packed with alkaloids focused on helping you put your head on a pillow for a strong 8-10 hours, this strain is a huge hit with our customers.

Blessed Lion, or Red Bali, has popularity around the world. Second to only Green and White Maeng Da, this strain is known by virtually every Kratom consumer. Red Bali is essentially a more energizing version of Red Sumatra, with high discomfort relief and relaxation qualities.



Light Lion, or Gold Maeng Da, has a very easy onset for energy and relaxation. It may provide an easy pick me up, while also providing some discomfort relief and good vibes. This is one of our most balanced strains.

Radiant Lion, or Gold Borneo, is a great strain for quality feelings of inner peace, great vibes, and resting your eyes after a long day. Not known for energizing customers, this strain is a great alternative to traditional red strains for relaxing you.


All of our blended strains are made in house, and curated specifically to provide different effects. Each one of these strains has been blended with unique qualities in mind.

Untamed Lion, or Trainwreck Maeng Da, is created from White, Green and Red Maeng Da blended in our proprietary ratio. Specifically made with energy and balance in mind, this strain has a quick onset with a large boost from the white vein Kratom. The green vein keeps the blend balanced, while the red adds relief and ensures a slow fade towards the start of effects fading.

Harmony Lion, or Trainwreck Bali, is a proprietary blend of Bali Kratom and other strains. This blend was designed for perfect balance. It has a slow onset, easing you into energy, focus and relief. This is a perfect blend for people who want all the effects, but not a harsh onset.

Select Lion Alkaloid Boosted Maeng Da, is a specialized blend of Lifted Lion and our own in house alkaloid boosted extract powder. We created this blend to elevate your Kratom experience. Each batch tests at at least 2.5% Mitragynine, ensuring fast and clean energy, while also maintaining super levels of discomfort relief. This strain is next level, and we do not recommend it for Kratom Cubs or newbies. It is the definition of 2X Strength Kratom.


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